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Wealthtrends Advisors

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Our firm is dedicated to three main principles. 

Complete Discovery

We will strive to know our clients well. What are their values and concerns? What are the dynamics of their family relationships? Do they want to leave a legacy? What are their other important relationships? How do they feel about money? Who is on their current advisory team? How do they envision a relationship with us? What are their expectations from our firm? What is their lifestyle? What are their hobbies? What special or unusual circumstances may apply to them? What is their current and projected financial situation? 

Objective Evaluation

We will apply our 35 years of experience to each client's situation with objectivity. We will not attempt to make the client fit the solution. We will always attempt to find the best solution that fits our client's situation, based on an objective evaluation of our client's goals and objectives. In circumstances where more than one solution may apply, we will present the options fairly and objectively.

Fiduciary Standard of Care

We will advise our clients under the fiduciary standard. We will recommend solutions to our clients that we would recommend to ourselves, based on all of the available facts and circumstances as we understand them.